The Four Gems

36th Session

Bahl and Sa’ul talk to avatars of Bahomet and Avandra during their sleep. They find out what that the Keys of Voolshak open the Vault of Voolshak. They will need to get Moradrin’s gear from the vault.

The PCs then perform rituals on the altars of Vecna and Torog. The succeed in taking the blood magic being held by the altars and dispersing it into the swampy area between the altars. It’s still a potenial energy source, but a more difficult one to tap.

They then venture out of the Underdark and meet up with Sentalor and his troops. They ride back to Lady Lethlorn’s camp without incident. They tell their tale, make the negotiations with the Lady, and are guests of honor at a banquet.



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