The Four Gems

Eighth Session


Seventh Session

After a tough fight, the PCs defeated the Goblin chieftain and his guards. The guards consisted of both Goblins and various drakes.

The treasure found was one Potion of Healing;120 gp; Symbol of Battle +1; and Flame Wand +1.

They also discovered that this used to be a silver mine and could possible still be worked as such.

Sixth Session

The PCs come across a ruined Dwarven fortification on a hillside. They spot Goblin sentries outside the ruins and succeed in surprising them.

Fighting their way into the ruins, they defeat the most of the guards. In hot pursuit of the survivors, Finn gets ahead of the rest of the party. Rounding a corner, he sees that there are at least four more Goblins and a drake. He turns around, running past the other pursuers saying “Oh bugger, oh bugger, oh bugger.” The PCs retreat back to the guard room.

Senvy had cast Flaming Sphere during the fight in the guard room. The group realized that they were low on healing surges and just about out of daily powers. They decided to try and take an extended rest. [Senvy managed to keep the Flaming Sphere up with extended use of Arcana and forgoing a rest while the others recuperated. This kept the Goblins in the next room away.

Fifth Session

The PCs decide to take up the other bounty opportunity and head north to hunt Goblins. Recently, there have been Goblin excursions on the northern edge of the Barony where farms have been expanding into the forest. The Baron would send his troops, but half of them are busy aiding Cartu’ush.

Just inside the forest, the PCs encounter a Goblin scouting party. After defeating them, our heroes discover that each Goblin is carrying a shovel or pick in addition to weapons.

The party achieves 2nd level.

Venturing farther into the woods, the PCs find and defeat a Goblin war party from the same tribe.

Fourth Session

The party succeeded in getting their loot and freed hostages safely out of the Kobold warren and the Deadzone. At the edge of the Deadzone one of the freed hostages breaks into a liberated box and presents Bahl with a Visious Greatsword +1. When they returned to the road, they discovered that another caravan was under attack. They hit the attacking Kobolds from behind, killed their leadership, and scattered the rest. The caravan was from the Blue Sail Trading Company.

Upon their return to the city, they get rewarded by both the Blue Sail Trading Company and the White Shield Trading Company. Baron Marcus Frell declares them to be Heroes of the City and holds a banquet in their honor. At the banquet he rewards them and also declares the bounty on Deadzone inhabitants to be rescined as it is no longer necessary.

The White Shield Trading Company grants the party a limited number of trades for magic items at full value in reward for returning the captives safely.

Sa’ul takes the odd silver item they found in the Temple to Vecna to the Temple of Bahamut.

A day later he is sent a note requesting a meeting at the Long Shot Tavern. Sa’ul goes along with everyone but Smash. There they find out that the silver item is one third of the Key of Voolshak. They also find out about the prophecies of Ishtavan in Bahamut’s Book.

Third Session

Third session. October, 2008.

The players avoided the main Kobold warren. They found the storage rooms and find three captives from the White Shield Trading company. Then they went to the throne room. There they kill the Kobold chieftain and his guards and find a Staff of Winter, a Symbol of Life and Bracers of the Perfect Shot.

Second Session

September, 2008

The party learns that Baron Marcus Frell is offering a reward for killing Kobolds and giant insects in the Deadzone. The Deadzone inhabitants have become a nuisance again on the road to Gregortown. They decide to go earn some bounty.

Upon reaching the Deadzone they encounter a mixed group of Fire Beetles, Crackling Beetles, and Lesser Tangler Beetles. They defeat those and scout their way to The Pit.

While making their way down into The Pit they find a hidden entrance in the side. This leads to a temple of Vecna. Inside the temple they defeat a contingent of guardian undead and come away with a Flaming Greataxe and an item that turns out to be the Silver Key of Voolshak.

Continuing down The Pit they overwelm a Kobold guard post and prepare to enter the Kobold den.

First Session

23 August, 2008

Smash, Senvy, and Finn (Finnian) head to Tarnuble from Willow Lake after Smash gets in a fight with the reeve’s son and Finn is found in a field. Laurel is scouting the area around Tarnuble after recently moving there. Sa’ul is escorting Ash (Astarte), Bahl, and Niko (Nikolaus) to Tarnuble from Madred’s Hold. That latter group is three Tieflings and one Dragonborn.

Ash (Astarte), Tiefling warlock, is quiet about his home town. Bahl, Tiefling paladin of Avondra, is from the farming village of Fortule’s Junction. This is a predominately Tiefling community near Madred’s Hold. Niko (Nikolaus), Tiefling rogue, grew up in Lost Creek, another Tiefling farming village near Madred’s Hold. Sa’ul, Dragonborn cleric of Bahamut was born in the farming village of Messer’s Grove, but was sent to Madred’s Hold at a fairly young age for religious training. Lauren, Elven ranger, grew up in the Elf village of Vast, in the forests about 30 miles east of Tarnuble.

Lauren wandered into Tarnuble about a month ago and has been barely making a living as a hunting guide.

Ash, Bahl, and Niko all made their way into Madred’s Hold. There they met and became friends (or at least allies). Madred’s Hold isn’t a particularly warm place in general and it certainly isn’t for Tieflings. A few months after getting together there Bahl was introduced to Sa’ul and to their surprise they were told by their respective religious authorities that the two of them were to travel to Tarnuble and that it would be best if they could talk Ash and Niko into joining them.

The eight are near each other when they are set upon by bandits. After defeating the bandits they enter Tarnuble, claim their reward, and decide to work together.

(Notes from Senvy’s journal begin here.)

After the feast, they find there are two options for making an armed expedition and getting bounty money from it: first is an area called the Dead Zone for its nearly complete lack of vegetation, which is an old ruined city area not far off the main road, now seemingly infested with kobolds and large insects, while the second is an area towards the lake into which the Baron would like to expand, but there are known to be goblins in that direction.

The party opts for the Deadzone, which is about two days’ march away. Bahl, Sa’ul, and Ash talk to the Baron’s Chancellor and get maps and information, but get little enough. There are three ways into the Underneath (subterranean zone): (1) the Ramp; (2) Ioun’s Finger Hole; and (3) the Pit. Kobolds are thick around the Ramp; climbing gear is needed for the Finger Hole. Climbing gear isn’t really needed for the Pit but rope will help considerably. The top areas have been picked over by adventurers, but there will still be kobolds and giant insects wandering around there. Of those who have gone below, some have returned….

The trip there is uneventful. There are old, old ruins in the area. The party heads for the Pit, which is 3/4 of a mile or so into the ruined city. We are beset by a mixed squad of giant beetles, which we overcome with nominal difficulty. We collect some loot (25 gp in cash, a 50 gp ring, and a Rod of Corruption which Finn gets) and withdraw to camp across the road.


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