The Four Gems

39th Session

The party mounted their riding lizards and slipped southeast, weaving between the Orc camps. There was one tense moment when they ventured too close to a guard, but Finn bluffed his way through it, warning the Orcs about Eladrin behind them.

Near dawn, they made it to the fortification outside their silver mine. They found the mine under siege buy Orcs and a Hill Giant. They surprised the besiegers and slaughtered almost all of them. Finn slipped up onto the wall and let the Dwarven miners know it was friendlies outside.

Once inside the keep they took an extended rest and then examined the three Keys of Voolshak. They found they needed to stab themselves in order to get the key prongs to fit the holes. Bahl, Lauren, and Sa’ul each have minor festering wounds, but Saul was able to fit the three pieces of the key together.

When he did, the keys began shifting under his hand. He felt both drawn in and repelled at the same time. He concentrated on holding on and disappeared, leaving a black portal with a silver, gold, and platinum edge. One by one the party members entered the portal.

38th Session

Leaving the Feywild.

Many campfires in the woods to the far North of Tarnuble.

Midnight attack by first fanatics of Vecna, then a Shambling Mound, and finally Orcs led by a Hill Giant. Most of the fanatics fled, as did the Shambling Mound. The Orcs and Giant were all killed.

37th Session

Adventures in the Hunting Camp.

36th Session

Bahl and Sa’ul talk to avatars of Bahomet and Avandra during their sleep. They find out what that the Keys of Voolshak open the Vault of Voolshak. They will need to get Moradrin’s gear from the vault.

The PCs then perform rituals on the altars of Vecna and Torog. The succeed in taking the blood magic being held by the altars and dispersing it into the swampy area between the altars. It’s still a potenial energy source, but a more difficult one to tap.

They then venture out of the Underdark and meet up with Sentalor and his troops. They ride back to Lady Lethlorn’s camp without incident. They tell their tale, make the negotiations with the Lady, and are guests of honor at a banquet.

Fourteenth Session

Level 4.

Thirteenth Session

Hobgoblins in Thunderspire.

Twelth Session

On the far side of the pass, they encounter giant insects.

Getting into Thunderspire Valley, they come upon a burned out farm. The dying farmer, a male Tiefling, asks them to recover his wife and child who were taken by slavers.

Eleventh Session

Ceremony by Temples of Bahamut, The Raven Queen, and Ioun.

Hired by Goldy Whiteshield at the White Shield Trading Company to escort two dwarves on an exploratory expedition.

Run into another Goblin group near mine site.

Run into Fell Taints in the mountains.

Tenth Session

Advance to 3rd Level.

Talk down Thieves Guild in sewers.

Fight Vecna Cultists in sewers.

Clear out Temple of Vecna.

Ninth Session

Young Black Dragon, Black Dragon Wyrmlings.

Return to Tarnuble. Anothe banquet. Get claim to silver mine. Start looking into disappearances. This leads to sewers.


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