Tarnuble, also known as Sapphire, is the western of The Four Gems. It is predominantly human with a large dwarven population. There are about 25,000 inhabitants. The breakdown is roughly:

Race Population number Population percentage
Human 17250 69%
Dwarf 3750 15%
Dragonborn 1250 5%
Halfling 1250 5%
Half-elf 750 3%
Elf 250 1%
Eladrin 250 1%
Tiefling 250 1%

The leader is Baron Marcus Frell. He is a human and the fourth of his family to be Baron. He is married to Baroness Elika Frell and has two sons and a daughter. The oldest son, Chalton, is 16.

City officials include Chancellor Sir Gregor Stonecleave, Chamberlain Sir Henry Greavesworth, and Seneschal Sir Willem Browning. Notable knights include Sir Artur Vestum, Sir Becka Colanai, Sir Fless Sal’Rish, Sir Carl Brownstock, and Sir Kessa Morlan). The last three are away supporting Cartu’ush.

The Temple of Bahamut is one of the principle temples in the city. The Temple of the Raven Queen is smaller, but very influential.

A few miles to the south of Tarnuble is the Deadzone. It is an abandoned ruins.


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