The Four Gems

The campaign will be set in the Four Gems area. It is named for the four cities that form a rough diamond shape. In addition, each city is built of a distinctly colored stone, further lending to the name. All four cities are Human dominated, with the other races making up 1% – 15% of the rest of the population. There is a road that roughly traces the diamond shape. Tarnuble, Gregortown, and Cartu’ush have a population of about 25,000 beings. Madred’s Hold is smaller and has about 15,000 beings.

Tarnuble, also known as Sapphire, is where the campaign will be set. It is built of bluish stone on the shores of Lake Garlet. The architecture lacks an overall style and is described as either eccentric or unfortunate, depending on your tastes. It forms the western most point of the diamond. It is mostly Human with the second largest contingent being Dwarf. On the far side of Lake Garlet, the Torrean Mountains begin. Flowing southeast out of Lake Garlet is the Blest River. Tarnuble is ruled by Baron Marcus Frell, a human warlord.

The area between the cities is made up of rolling hills. There is a combination of forests and plains with farms closer to the cities. This area is only partly settled, but it is far safer than the areas outside the diamond.

To the north is Madred’s Hold, also known as Emerald. It is run by the Wellstone Knights, a military order of Kord. The squat fortress defends the more civilized areas from incursions out of Gresh Swamp to its north. The ruler is Commander Gornli Stoutaxe, a dwarven Paladin.

The Rapid River runs from Gresh Swamp past Cartu’ush, also known as Diamond. Cartu’ush is roughly due east of Tarnuble. Cartu’ush is a city of arches. The Rapid River continues south where it runs into the Blest River. Cartu’ush is ruled by Baron Tarlan Messan, a human warlord.

At the confluence of the Blest and the Rapid is Gregortown, also known as Ruby. Gregortown is the wealthiest of the Four Jewels and consists of tall spires within its walls. The city is ruled by Duke Armand Klesh, a human wizard.

Over one hundred miles south of Gregortown is Krell’s Port. This is the closest city on the Circular Sea.

The Four Gems

The Four Gems ewaldrich